Stacking the Bricks - Real Entrepreneur Confessions
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If you're tired of all the buzzwords, boosterism, mythologizing, the cult of overwork in the world of startups, it's easy to feel like the oddball in the room.

We're here to share the real stories of today's business bootstrappers: the makers who make their money with products and launches instead of client pitches and hourly consulting.

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    EP28 - Double your Conversion Rate with Brennan Dunn

    I've been wanting to do an episode with Brennan Dunn for a LONG time. He's one of our most successful students, having built an empire of resources and products for freelancers at But freelancing rates aren't the only thing Brennan has figured out how to he's mastered the art of personalizing on-page content to boost conversion rates, often 2x or more!

    Brennan has come a long way since he joined 30x500 with the idea to build and AirBnB for homecooked meals...and in this episode you're going to learn how he built his empire by stacking the bricks.

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    EP27 - You can ship. But will anybody buy?

    Dave Ceddia knew how to ship, but none of his projects had ever made a sale.

    Today, $15,000 in sales of his book "Pure React" later, he knows how to create new, bigger products for his loyal and growing audience.

    In this episode, you'll find out how he stopped thinking of himself as a "lifer" at a cushy job to being in control of his professional future.

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    EP26 - Don't wait 18 months

    Donovan picked up JFS in December. Read it over Christmas. By the end of February, he'd grown his mailing list to 1,500 people. He created a landing page and JFS'd an email course on CSS animation, with a price tag of $49. In the first 7 days, he made 50 sales — for a total of over $2,000.


    To learn more about how Donovan did it — including specific techniques for getting traffic to his blog posts — listen in right now…

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    EP25 - Features, or marketing? (Part 3 of a series)

    Here is the double-edged sword of the software business:

    • All the “features” in the world will not matter if you don’t have the customer pipeline.
    • It is better to lose many customers over a missing feature than spend a month on a feature that people say will make them sign up.
    • Yet there really are features you’ll require in order to get and retain your best customers.

    OK, so maybe it’s a triple edged sword. Or maybe a citrus reamer. Shut up.

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    EP24 - Teamwork is harder than you think (Part 2 of a series)

    Adding people - partners, employees, contract staff - is one of the hardest parts of growing a business. It doesn't get talked about enough, and partly, because it's hard to talk about openly.

    In this episode we talk about the reasons why working with people falls apart so often and some things we've learned along the way to make wise decisions when adding people to the team.

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    EP23 - "Everything will get easier if..." (Part 1 of a series)

    2015 was the best ever for Amy's SaaS business Freckle, with $625k of gross receipts, and so far we’re on track to hit close to $800k annual run rate (ARR) before this year is out. Those are some big numbers, but we didn’t start out there, and it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

    In this episode we talk about the first of five things I wish I’d known when I started Freckle, things that would have made my life so much more profitable and pleasurable.

    Up first: "Inflection Points," aka the myth that "everything gets easier when..."

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    EP20 - Swift Kick in the Ass (Accountability)

    Got 5 minutes? Then let Amy give you a swift kick in the ass.

    Learn why "accountability" doesn't work the way you think it does, and how to change your mindset to get more done.

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